A repository and browser for narratives created by Com-Phone as well as any other media sent to it via Bluetooth. The application runs on a standard Android tablet, but if necessary can also be used on the same device as Com-Phone.

Community storage

A simple three-level hierarchy, identifying people’s media according to where they live, characterises Com-Tablet’s interface.

The initial view includes a panorama of the users’ location – in our case this was at the top of a hill with a view of the surrounding area and users’ houses. Using the tablet’s touch screen, the panorama view is draggable allowing people to find their house, indicated by an icon.

Browsing media

As a user selects their house, the display shifts to show the people who live there; selecting a face from this screen displays any publicly shared media that person owns.

Playing and sharing

Media can be filtered by type, shared with other tablet users, played back in the application, or sent (via Bluetooth) to another device. The media owner can unlock to view their private media, make any of their content public or private, or share directly with specific individuals.

Get Com-Tablet

The application, source code (license: LGPLv3), resources and full documentation are freely available as part of the toolkit.

Screenshots from Com-Tablet