Com-Me Toolkit

A collection of hardware and software components providing solutions for content creation and sharing in locations around the globe where there is low textual and computing literacy and limited power and network coverage.

The components of the toolkit include:

  • Com-Phone a multimedia narrative application for a mobile phone
  • Com-Tablet a tablet-based media repository; and, Com-Charge a phone charging station
  • Com-Cam a TVCam device for sharing mobile phone content on old TVs

Extensions of the toolkit include:

  • Com-Note a flexible and collaborative composer’s notebook

Used individually or together, these components allow groups such as NGOs, community associations and governmental organisations to facilitate digital content creation and establish community media sharing infrastructures within rural and other hard to reach populations the world over.

Each of the components of the toolkit, including instructions, designs and source code downloads where applicable, are available from this website.

How the toolkit components work together Com-Charge: a portable solar-powered mobile phone charging stationCom-Phone: a multimedia narrative applicationCom-Tablet: a community media repositoryCom-Cam: a TVCam device for sharing content on old TVs