Hardware and construction designs and instructions for building a solar-powered mobile phone charging station. The charging station uses simple, durable and easily replaceable components to provide a portable, solar-powered mobile phone charger.

Robust and portable

The design consists of a hand-pushed trolley, two solar panels, and a car battery. Each charging station provides 60 W of power to Com-Tablet and can charge up to four additional devices at the same time.

Water-resistant containers are used to store the batteries, and electrical connections are all placed in a waterproof box, which also provides a place to store phones while charging. The solar panels easily fold away so charging stations can be taken inside overnight and/or during bad weather.


As the charging stations are mobile and produced using a straightforward user-friendly design, communities can take full ownership of them. Residents can adapt, relocate or modify them to better suit their needs.

Build your own Com-Charge

Each charging station consists of a sack trolley, 12 volt battery, solar panels, regulator, wiring and bolts. Com-Charge costs around £350 to build.

Diagram of Com-Charge